We’re really proud of this. Last year oktober we celebrated the release of the EP. And we celebrated the time we had together with our now former drummer and guitarist; Rowan Groeneveld & Nick van Leeven. This is the last video in a series of three. It’s also the last song we played that night. Quite an emotional moment. After years of playing together , we concluded a chapter of our life. Not to be too dramatic. But we’re glad our final performance with Rowan and Nick was recorded. Lyrics are listed below.

Credits: Venue: P60 Amstelveen Lights by Dion Plasmeijer Video director & editing by Boyd Plasmeijer Camera by Boyd Plasmeijer, Julie Mabileau & Raul Video sound mix: Koen Duits of Stroopwoofer studio Title card by Laniek Reedijk Bandmembers Vocals & acoustic guitar by Laniek Reedijk Bass guitar, String Arrangement & Horn arrangement by Sem van Gennip Drums by Rowan Groeneveld Electric Guitar by Nick van Leeven Backing Vocals by Pien Hansen & Pien Trieling Trumpets: Niels Benit & Lenart Zih Trombone: Henk-Jan van ‘t Zand Violin by Jitske Schreijer Viola by Linde van de Ven Cello by Camille Beurret This way we’d like to thank @nhpopplatform @prinsbernhardcultuurfondss & P60 again for making this all possible. There’s still more to come. There will be more live video’s taken from this performance.

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